AngularJS Performance

Codice: NG1P Fornitore: Magma S.r.l.

Il corso è dedicato agli sviluppatori frontend che adorano le applicazioni che schizzano. Ma queste si possono costruire solo conoscendo il vero funzionamento del framework by Google...

Programma del corso

  • Lesson 1
    • Course Overview
      • Env Setup
    • Understanding Angular
      • Understanding the $digest cycle
      • Diving into $digest and $apply
      • $rootScope and $scope inheritance
  • Lesson 2
    • Watchers, collections and async queues
      • What creates a $$watcher
      • $watch vs $watchCollection
      • $applyAsync vs $evalAsync
    • Superfast ng-repeats
      • One-time bindings
      • Superfast renders with batching
      • Performance repeat filtering
      • Track-by expressions for minimal repaints
  • Lesson 3
    • Native Angular performance tuning
      • ng-if versus ng-show hide
      • $digest control with ngModelOptions
      • Limiting template expressions
      • Batching $http into single $digests
      • Caching requests
    • Tips and tricks
      • Running DI strict mode
      • Disabling hidden .data() Objects
      • Avoid memory leaks with $destroy

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